Sionics NP3 Bolt Carrier Group

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The Greatest Bolt Carrier Group for your AR-15. The SWS Bolt Carrier Group is HP/MPI Tested – Auto Version – Machined to USGI Specifications, NP3 coated with OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screw) and properly staked using a MOMOAKS.

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The Sionics Weapons Systems M16 profile Bolt Carriers are machined to USGI specifications. Our M16/M4 carrier includes a Mil-Spec Gas Key. The Gas Key is heat treated per USGI specifications and NP3 Coated. The Gas Key is secured to the carrier via OCKS (Optimized Carrier Key Screw) and properly staked using a MOMOAKS. These properly hardened parts insure a strong staking and proper gas system function. Furthermore, each carrier has a gasket formed by aviation Permatex that is applied by hand to the mating surfaces between the gas key and the carrier.

SIONICS Bolts are manufactured from Carpenter 158® Steel. Each Bolt is HP/MPI Tested and Inspected. Each Bolt is Shot Peened and comes with a Sprinco Heavy Extractor Spring and Black Spring Insert. The Bolt and Cam Pin with the exception of the Extractor have been NP3 treated to enhance Corrosion Resistance and Carbon build-up.

  • 100% HP/MPI Tested
  • Shot Peened
  • Sprinco Heavy Duty 5 Coil Extractor Spring
  • Coil Heavy Duty Extractor Spring
  • Black Insert
  • Nickel PTFE Carrier

Each Carrier Assembly is treated with a durable Nickel/PTFE plating which creates a permanently lubricious surface which reduces the need for lubrication.

In our opinion, there is NO comparison between an NP3/Electroless Nickel PTFE Coated Surface and Nickel Boron Coated Surface. After coating tens of thousands of Bolts and Carriers with NP3 over the years, we have NEVER seen one flake. That cannot be said about Nickel Boron Coatings. Close to seven years ago, we were provided the following information which has always proven to be accurate. NP3 has a coefficient of friction as low as .07-.1 according to test standards LFW-1 and ASTM D-2714. Nickel Boron has a coefficient of friction as low as .08-.2. NP3 has PTFE also known as Teflon® co-deposited in the nickel matrix. As wear occurs, new PTFE particles are exposed and the self lubricating properties continue. Nickel boron has a surface with many high points. Because the high points make all the contact, there is less surface area for friction to occur. The problem with this is once the high points wear down the coefficient of friction increases due to more surface area being contacted. With no self-lubricating particles like Teflon® in the Nickel Boron matrix, there is no additional lubrication after the contact points are worn. The bottom line is that if you see wear on Nickel Boron, it has lost its “Self-Lubricating” properties at that spot.

NP3 is easy to clean for the same reason that a pan with Teflon® is easy to clean. Teflon® is non-stick and easy to wipe down, therefor carbon does not adhere to the surface. Nickel Boron has many ridges to catch carbon fouling. The ridges in Nickel Boron are smaller than the ridges in Manganese Phosphate that acts as a sponge for oil, so compared to Manganese Phosphate, Nickel Boron is easier to clean. This is the same as comparing a rail road spike to a nail in your tire. One is definitely worse than the other, but both will impede function.

Regarding Corrosion Resistance, NP3 has great corrosion resistance twice the amount of Nickel Boron. Nickel Boron is at the same level of corrosion resistance as regular Nickel or Chrome.

All SIONICS Bolt Carrier Groups are Test Fired before shipment and therefore may show minor signs of use.

Due to the inherent nature of NP3 Coating, Tooling Marks may be present on SIONICS NP3 Coated Bolt Carrier Groups.  Tooling marks are COSMETIC and have ZERO effect on function.  Being that the NP3 Coating impregnates into the host material, it is much thinner and much less forgiving in hiding Tooling Marks.  Other popular coatings such as Phosphate and Nitride are thicker and darker in appearance, allowing for Tooling Marks to be easily concealed.  Regardless of Tooling Marks present on SIONICS NP3 Bolt Carrier Groups, every SIONICS Bolt Carrier Group is backed by our Lifetime Warranty that covers any Manufacturer Defect that would effect function.


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